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Coordinating Alaskan Hunts For Over Twenty Years…

Welcome,  Alaska Hunting Expeditions is a division of Riley’s Outdoor Consulting LLC. My name is Jim Riley and  I have been a full-time International Hunting & Fishing Consultant since 1999.  My mission is to use my boots on the ground experience to assist you in making the best decision on your next Alaskan Hunting Adventure.  I can’t emphasize enough that your satisfaction is my priority.  If you don’t see dozens of hunts listed on this site that is by design, our partners have very limited hunts available.  We prefer to do consult via an old school method and launch your Alaskan hunt planning with a phone call.

Specials, Cancellations & Featured Hunts

GIANT COASTAL BLACK BEARS $5800.00 2x1 Alaska's Prince of Wales Island is home to some of the biggest black bears on the planet!  For over twenty years we have been sending hunters to our premier outfitting partner who hunts and fishes year-round in the area.  What we really like about this...

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Unguided Caribou Hunts

UNGUIDED CARIBOU   $4350.00 Per Hunter   DESTINATION OVERVIEW: An unguided caribou hunt is one of the most affordable hunting opportunities for non-resident hunters.  These hunts take place in the wilderness around Kotzebue Alaska.  Over the years this has been one of our most affordable...

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The Alaskan/Yukon moose is the largest of the moose species.  These hunts are also in great demand.  We have some excellent guided hunts and can also work with clients to plan a non-guided hunt.


Dall sheep and mountain goat hunts are not for the faint of heart!  Both species live in tough to reach locations. Sheep and goat hunters are a hardy breed. If you’re ready we are ready to assist you in finding the perfect hunt.


Brown bears, inland grizzlies, and black bear numbers are doing great in Alaska. Our outfitting partners offer hunts literally all over the State.  These hunts will get your adrenaline pumping!  In most cases, your outfitter will try to get up close.  Face to face with an 800 lbs or more brownie is quite the experience!


Alaska non-guided caribou hunts are still one of the best values in the world of hunting!  We can also arrange a guided hunt for our clients.  In fact, if you want to combine with Grizz ( and you are a non-resident) you must have a guide.


Resident Alaskans have long considered Sitka black-tailed deer a staple for their winter diet!  Not only are they delicious they are fun to hunt!  Non-residents can hunt Sitka Blacktails without a guide, However, many hunters prefer a guide that already has proven hunting areas.  We offer several options


Alaska is a waterfowl hunters paradise!  In the last decade we have seen demands for these hunts continue to increase. These are not “volume” hunts, we cater to waterfowl aficionados looking  to maximize the number of unique species  they take in order to add to their collection.

How it Works

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The best way is to give us a call at 406-580-4036 or send an email and we can schedule a call.  Thanks in Advance!


Goal & Expectation Setting

We will discuss the type of hunt you are looking for. We will discuss the physical demands of the hunt.  We will go over costs and extras. We are here for you.



Because we have alliances with many professional outfitters we may be able to offer you a couple of options. Save your time and energy.


Lock In Your Hunt

Once we have picked out your personalized adventure, it is time to secure the hunt with a deposit.  Time to start planning and preparing!

Client Testimonials

“Dream Come True”

I have arranged other hunts around the world with Jim over the last decade.  I came to him when I decided it was now or never to hunt Dall sheep. He teamed me up with a great outfitter and I took a beautiful Dall sheep.  Next up a Guatemalan fishing trip!

Jeff L.


“Thanks Jim!”

“Kodiak island was a trip of a lifetime and one that I will never forget. It would not have been possible without the expertise and knowledge that Jim Riley has in the hunting industry. Not only was I able to get a trophy Sitka Blacktail but I saw a part of the country I would’ve never been able to experience without the trip. Thank you for making this possible Jim!”

Chris J.


“Three Great Hunts”

“I just got back from my third successful Alaskan hunt using Jim Riley’s consulting services. His extensive knowledge of the Alaska wilderness is the reason I chose to book with him.  I can promise all the details will be covered.”

Alex W. 



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