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An unguided caribou hunt is one of the most affordable hunting opportunities for non-resident hunters.  These hunts take place in the wilderness around Kotzebue Alaska.  Over the years this has been one of our most affordable hunts.  In normal years success rates hover at 80% or better.  These hunts are fully outfitted so you will not be needing to fly all your camping gear and food to Alaska.  This area of Alaska is loaded with all sorts of critters.  On my last hunt here I saw Dall sheep, moose, grizzly’s, and of course caribou.  My client and I also caught an incredible number of super-sized dolly varden.  We both still talk about our surf and turf meal of dollies and caribou backstrap!


The only thing predictable about caribou hunting is they are unpredictable!  They are constantly moving.  Your best bet is to find a good vantage point near your camp and use your glasses to first spot the caribou.  Then you need to decide if there are any bulls worth attempting a stock on.  Then the fun begins.  You want to try to get in from of them if you get behind them and they are walking you will never catch them.  Get ahead, find a good place to shoot from, and let them come to you.  I was with a client on this exact hunt a few years back.  We were seeing everything except caribou!  Then all of a sudden seven beautiful bulls came down the mountain right into our valley.  The client dropped the bull about 400 yards from camp and just a short pack to the runway. 

My best advice is to enjoy Alaska!  Keep glassing and the caribou will show up.


This is a true wilderness hunt.  You will be staying in tents right in the heart of the best hunting areas.  Food will consist of the basics.  Although food is provided on this outfitted hunt we suggest packing a couple extra of your favorite snacks and drink mixes. Before you embark on your hunt you and your party will be provided an extensive information packet that will go over all details of your hunt.


2021 Price is $5150.00 per hunter

2 hunter minimum

Mid-August to late September.  Call for available dates.

  • 5 full days of hunting
  • Bush flights
  • Camp Gear ( client supplies sleeping bag and pad)
  • Food
  • Flights to Kotzebue, Alaska
  • Cost to fly game from Kotzebue to home.
  • License fees

We recommend flying to Anchorage.  Spending the night and flying to Kotzebue that next day. With that plan, you should arrive in Kotzebue early in the morning and will have plenty of time to fly out to the bush!

Jim Riley
Jim Riley

International Hunting & Fishing Consultant ( Since 1999)

Please contact Jim for more information or to book this hunt.


Phone: 406-580-4036

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