Caribou hunting takes place in early late August through late September.  Caribou are herd animals often showing up in large groups.  This makes for an exciting hunt.  Early in the season before the rut kicks in bull caribou will often hang out in bachelor groups. As with most Alaskan hunts you will want to have the best binoculars you can afford.  In addition, getting in shape for these hunts will always pay off.

Species Overview: 

Caribou(Rangifer tarandus) is a large member of the deer family.  The sub-species hunted in Alaska is the Alaskan Barren Ground caribou. 

As of the most recent information from the Alaskan Department of Game and Fish, there are thirty-two distinct herds of caribou in Alaska.  The total number of caribou in Alaska number close to 1,000,000. Caribou have the highest population of any big-game species in Alaska.  Herd numbers are very cyclical.  Our team keeps up with the current population and herd movements.

Hunt Overview: 

Alaskan caribou hunts are offered by Alaska Trophy hunts both guided and non-guided. Hunt duration is anywhere from five to ten days.

Caribou hunting is a waiting game.  The best guided and unguided hunters will pick a strategic vantage point to glass from.  Because caribou are constantly on the move during hunting season this is the best method.  Then it is a matter of getting ahead of them and waiting for them to come to you. Another tried and true method is to post up in known crossing areas.  Often the trails in these areas are worn down and easy to spot after years of use.

Price Ranges: 

$9500 to $15,500

Combo Opportunities:

In several areas that I offer caribou hunts there may be an opportunity to add on grizzly, wolf, and wolverine.  There is also some great fishing available.

Trophy Quality: 

All of the hunts I offer for caribou in Alaska are fully guide.  I have found over the years this really increases your odds of taking a trophy caribou.




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