Black bear HUNTS

Alaskan black bear hunts are one of the most affordable big game hunts in North America.  Not only are these hunts affordable they are exciting!  Most of the Alaska black bear hunts we offer are spot and stalk type hunts. Hunt’s are either boat, remote tent camp, or lodge-based. This is a great way to experience remote Alaska at a fraction of the cost of a brown bear or moose hunts!

Alaskan black bears are one of the few species in Alaska where a non-resident can hunt without a guide.  The Alaska Trophy Hunts team can assist you with finding a non-guided hunt for black bears in Alaska.  This is a great hunt to combine with a fishing trip.

Species Overview:

The Black bear (Ursus americanus)  is the smallest and has the densest population of all the North American bear species.  The population of Alaskan black bears is said to be over 100,000. Black bears have population strongholds throughout Alaska.  Some of the most densely populated areas exist on Alaska’s Coastal Islands.  When we think of big Alaskan Black bears we think of Prince of Wales Island, near the town of Ketchikan and Kuiu located in the Alexander Archipelago.

Hunt Overview

Alaska Hunting Expeditions has an excellent team of strategic outfitting partners in Alaska. This allows us to offer our clients a variety of hunting options. A typical Alaskan black bear hunt is around five to seven days.  We believe the best way to enjoy the hunt is by hunting via spot and stalk methods.  No matter if your hunt is a boat, lodge, or remote lodge-based plan on lots of glassing and in some cases hiking.  Generally the less physical of these hunts is the boat-based hunt as skiffs are used to travel the shoreline in search of active bears.

Price Ranges: 

$4000 to $7500

Combo Opportunities:

Many hunters purchase a black bear tag when their primary species is a moose, caribou, or mountain goat.  There are also areas in Southeast Alaska where we can arrange a black bear, brown bear combo hunt.

Trophy Quality: 

If history repeats itself our clients will take the biggest bears on the Coastal Islands of Alaska.  There are big black bears in the interior but it’s tough to beat the size of the Coastal bears as they have access to such a rich variety of food sources.


Giant Bears of Coastal Alaska!

$5800 2×1

For over twenty years this has been Rileys Outdoor Consulting’s owner Jim Riley’s go-to Trophy Coastal Black bear hunt. 



We are paid a consulting fee from our vetted outfitting partners.  We have the “boots on the ground” experience it takes to consult with our clients and offer them options.