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Species Overview:

Alaska Moose (Alces alces gigas) is the largest member of the deer family.  The Alaskan-Yukon race of moose are the largest moose of all!  Adult bulls can top 1,200 pounds and sport antlers seventy-plus inches wide.  

Hunt Overview

Alaskan moose hunts are in great demand.  Our team of professional outfitters are located throughout Alaska, based in the most productive game management units and Federal Permitted Areas.

Moose hunting takes place in early September.  The season when the moose have just started to go into the pre-rut phase.  Every day of your hunt will just get better as the bulls begin to wander in search of cows.  Calling becomes very effective towards the end of the season as mature bulls will come in ready to fight when your guide challenges them to a duel. You will never forget the look of a big bull coming in antlers swaying, clucking, thrashing brush, with those rut-crazed eyes searching for his challenger or his mate!

You can expect to glass many hours a day.  The terrain will be somewhat rugged, as with any Alaskan hunt the better shape you are in the more you will enjoy the adventure. 

Price Ranges: 

$19,500 to 31,500

Combo Opportunities:

I have a couple of areas where we can combo with grizzly bear and wolf.  I even have one moose hunt that you can add a brown bear on trophy fee for just $10,000!

Trophy Quality: 

Most of the units my outfitting partners guide for moose in are units have laws making it illegal to shoot a bull with under 50-inch wide antlers.  Most moose my hunters have taken over the last 20-plus year measure from 52-70 inches.  

Our Alaskan Moose Hunting Options are

Nearly Full for 2022 & 2023.


Please call Jim Riley @ 406-580-4036

for possible openings.




We are paid a consulting fee from our vetted outfitting partners.  We have the “boots on the ground” experience it takes to consult with our clients and offer them options.